Travels With Rachel

Travels with Rachel –  Come on a cruise she said, it’ll be fun she said 🙂

I arrived at Heathrow to find Rachel sitting on the floor in Costa surrounded by bags, paperwork and using her laptop. I never did ask why she was on the floor rather than on a chair like other people.

And so onto the passenger assistance area ‘cos I was having medical problems and so was incapable of walking the miles and miles from checkin to the gate. We managed to get to the departure lounge via wheelchair without actually maiming anyone – thankfully Rachel wasn’t driving 😊

While I was waiting quietly off she went to see what was on offer at the airport shops, coming back pleased with herself for buying some supplies for our cabin only to discover the nuts she’d bought were chilli and lime flavoured – whoever thought that was a good idea ?

Following an eventful journey which involved delays and a manic airport transfer we arrived at our hotel in Alexandria tired and without luggage, yes our cases were either still in Istanbul or on their way to Kathmandu – but that’s another story.

Luckily I had a change of clothes and overnight toiletries in my hand luggage, a bit of forward thinking so at least I was confident of my personal hygiene…………. Off legged Rachel to find a shop and was so happy on her return telling everyone within earshot that she’d found some knickers 😉

Oh well, we thought, once we’re taken to the ship we can dump our belongings and head out to buy some cheap and cheerful clothes to tidy us over until our luggage arrives. But ’twas not to be as the authorities had our passports 🤨

Long story short – we had a great time, met some lovely people and had some laughs….. mainly due to Rachelisms such as when she said to me as I was going into the bathroom “if I’m not here when you come out, I’ve gone !”

Thanks Rachel




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