Welcome to my site, here you’ll learn a bit about what I do, including links to my other websites for Croft Productions and Mouth Meltdown.

So, what can I say about me?

I’ve been living in the south of England for more years than I care to remember but my roots are still firmly entrenched in the North East which I still think of as ‘home’.

I love travelling and have been very lucky to enjoy some fantastic holidays and had somedogs great experiences along the way.

Whilst I’m not particularly good at taking photos, that doesn’t stop me getting out and about with a camera whenever the opportunity presents itself. Occasionally I’ll capture a shot that’s worth keeping but all my photos are special to me in their own way as they hold personal memories.

I create personalise audio recordings of peoples memories under the banner of Croft Productions , this is an amazing opportunity for people to record their personal stories or memories to hand down to future generations or simply share with friends and family.

Having gained experience in running a local radio station, I’m currently producing and presenting Mouth Meltdown which is a radio programme available for syndication.

In case there is any possibility of getting bored – I also narrate and produce audiobooks which I’m enjoying more and more.